VicarVision in Turkish Media

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Our latest publication is a study done by Emrah and Paul. They analysed three Turkish presidential candidates (Demirtaş, Erdogan and Ihsanoglu, in alphabetical order) during their speeches on the 3rd of August. Emrah and Paul analysed the presidential candidates on their facial expressions using FaceReader. With the presidential elections coming up the study received quite some publicity, especially in Turkey.

The conclusion was that Ihsanoglu stands out as the candidate who uses his mimics the most with 32%, Erdogan follows with 15% and Demirtas is the one with the least usage of his mimics with 6%. Furthermore, it is observed that the common expression of Erdogan is anger with 82% and fear is following that with 10%. Similarly, the analysis of Ihsanoglu shows that, anger is the most common expression with 74% and disgust follows that with 20%. According to the analysis of Demirtas, the most common expression is happiness with 50% and fear is following that with 34%.

Turkish newspaper Such an analysis would definitely be more interesting during a real time discussion on a TV program where all the candidates are present. However, under the current conditions, this is the best possible unbiased way to have a comparative analysis during the publicity speech where TRT is officially liable to broadcast.

Read the blog, the whole publication in the Cornell University Library or the Turkish newspaper article below.

Hack the Brain Hackathon

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As a sponsor and participant Team VicarVision participated the Waag Society Hackathon – Hack the Brain. For the purpose of winning Team VicarVision adopted three extra members, two programmers and one neuroscientist. This added to the existing VicarVision Team of three programmers and one psycholgist the Hackaton was ours to win! Unfortunately we came in second, we did however have two nice applications and a weekend never to forget!

BrainTinder; Your EEG will approve or decline the image of the other;

LifeSnap; Emotional peeks detected by your EEG will signal the Google Glass to take a snapshot resulting in a daily update on your daily life.

See and read! ..more! and ..more!


Team VicarVision

FaceReader in the NRC newspaper

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A publication by Peter in the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics resulted in a interview by a well known Dutch newspaper the NRC. In this article Peter elaborates on his own background but also on the current developments in marketing, technologie and the combination of marketing, technology and emotion. Read all about it in the article!

More information about Peter and his publication* is just a click away.


*P. Lewinski, M.L. Fransen & E.S.H. Tan (2014). Predicting advertising effectiveness by facial expressions in response to amusing persuasive stimuli. Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics, 7(1), 1-14. 10.1037/npe0000012

NeuroTalent of the Year 2014

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We present one of the NeuroTalent of the Year nominees: Peter Lewinski! After the submission three nominees were selected to present at the Neuromarketing World Forum in New York, US. And to bacome the NeuroTalent of the Year 2014!

Take a look at the submission A statement from Peter become one of the noninees:

  To assess ad effectiveness I used facial coding software that tracks 491 superimposed key-points on a 3D artificial facemask. I gathered online 900 recordings (0.7 million frames) of facial reactions to advertisements and analyzed over 4.1 million unique data points. I reduced the data-gathering costs to 700$ by using crowdsourcing. I found that facial expressions explain 24-37% of variance of ad effectiveness [1] and that exaggerating (i.e. amplifying) one’s expressions leads to enhanced attitudes [2]. One insight for business is that facial coding is reliable, objective and scalable.  


Mens voor de Lens Scoop: FaceSwap!

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hvamensvoordelensa2-1“Mens voor de Lens” is a yearly seminar organized by the Digital Life Centre of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). This years seminar revolved around the possibilities of augumented reality for intelligent cameras in consumer products.

During this event VicarVision showed a demo for the first time ever of the FaceSwap !

Click here to see FaceSwap in action!

If you would like to receive more information on the FaceSwap or would like to propose a nice application for this technique please contact VicarVision. We’re always open to suggestions!  

Mens voor de Lens - FaceSwap demo