NeuroTalent of the Year 2014

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We present one of the NeuroTalent of the Year nominees: Peter Lewinski! After the submission three nominees were selected to present at the Neuromarketing World Forum in New York, US. And to bacome the NeuroTalent of the Year 2014!

Take a look at the submission A statement from Peter become one of the noninees:

  To assess ad effectiveness I used facial coding software that tracks 491 superimposed key-points on a 3D artificial facemask. I gathered online 900 recordings (0.7 million frames) of facial reactions to advertisements and analyzed over 4.1 million unique data points. I reduced the data-gathering costs to 700$ by using crowdsourcing. I found that facial expressions explain 24-37% of variance of ad effectiveness [1] and that exaggerating (i.e. amplifying) one’s expressions leads to enhanced attitudes [2]. One insight for business is that facial coding is reliable, objective and scalable.  


Mens voor de Lens Scoop: FaceSwap!

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hvamensvoordelensa2-1“Mens voor de Lens” is a yearly seminar organized by the Digital Life Centre of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). This years seminar revolved around the possibilities of augumented reality for intelligent cameras in consumer products.

During this event VicarVision showed a demo for the first time ever of the FaceSwap !

Click here to see FaceSwap in action!

If you would like to receive more information on the FaceSwap or would like to propose a nice application for this technique please contact VicarVision. We’re always open to suggestions!  

Mens voor de Lens - FaceSwap demo