Weekend van de Wetenschap

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The ‘Weekend van de Wetenschap’ offered a playful way of engaging in activities related to science and technology. Where else would be a demo of FaceReader more suited than on this weekend?

Peter Lewinski was one of the scientific tutors and explained the usage and reason for the development of FaceReader. Can you imagine manually assigning a number to every muscle participant moves in the face? And not only annotating the presence/absence of such movement but also the intensity. You can get tired just by thinking about it!

This is one of the reasons FaceReader was developed and is still used. All this manual coding can be automated! By now FaceReader not only can distinguish the basic emotions defined by Paul Ekman and Action Units (AUs), but it also reports the Circumplex model of Emotion by James Russell.

You can see

– the six basic emotions identified by Ekman and neutral,

– the Circumplex model of Emotion by Russell,

– the AUs

in our new FaceReader 6 demo!

COMMIT/ Future of data – SWEET

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Future of data COMMIT COMMIT/ is a national research program that faces the challenges in ICT and Big Data research at a world level.

During the COMMIT/ The Future of Data event on the 2nd of October Paul showed a succesfull demo of the SWEET project.

SWEET (short for Sense & tWEET) is a crowd emotion monitor based on photos as a input by automatically analyzing the emotion expressed on the images coming from either smartphones or cameras installed on fixed locations. WiFi-sniffers track the location of the participants.

SWEET informes you as a visitor about the emotional states in various rooms, after which you can decide in which room you want to be. While as a stakeholders you can be informed about the performance of your conference on your smartphone.

Read all about the development of SWEET in the SWEET story


TNO – De OndernemersClub & Technologie zoekt Ondernemer

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TNO As part of the collaboration with TNO a dual stand of VicarVision and Cameramanager by Panasonic was devoted to our newest development CLVR go!

CLVR go! is world’s first affordable, on demand and zero-configuration cloud based video analytics service. CLVR go! uses a form of motion detection which significantly increases the proportion of relevant notifications a user will receive, by only sending alerts when a human or object is detected.

Whereas Cameramanager provided the hardware, VicarVision provide the software, together we made the perfect sollution for video security.

de ondernemersclub

During the morning programm Mariska was also interviewed by Hans Beisheuvel in De OndernemersClub about the FaceReader and the usages of computer vision and human behaviour, watch the interview here!

In the afternoon VicarVision was represented by HansT, Tim and Mariska to meet and talk to some really interesting possible collaborators. While in the main hall new technologies were presented by famous Dutch comedian Dolf Jansen

Discovery Festival

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VicarVision partcipated in the Discovery Festival with not one, not two, but three Demo’s! Of which one a Live FaceReader Experiment!

FaceReader First presented the FaceReader demo showing the Circumplex model of Emotion by Russell, the six basic emotions of facial expressions by Ekman based on the more than 500 landmarks on the face detectable by just a simple webcam!

FaceSwap Second we presented the FaceSwap, first shown at the ‘Mens voor de Lens’ seminar. Which gives you the opportunity to swap faces with anyone you want!

Live FaceReader Experiment Third we presented a Live FaceReader Experiment! This experiment tried to elicit natural occuring facial expressions of Happiness, Disgust and Surprise with the hypothesis that these facial expressions would be more intens the hight the blood-alcohol content.

Curious about the results? Send us an email and we will give you more info!


Team Vicarvision

SPIE Remote Sensing & Security + Defence Technologies

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SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics. This years conference on Security and Defence was held in Amsterdam on the 23rd and the 24th of September 2014. During the SPIE Remote Sensing & Security + Defence Technologies conference Hans Tangelder presented the latest VicarVision technologies on human detection and tracking.


The paper shows that VicarVision’s technology, which combines optical flow based motion pattern analysis and silhouette classification for person tracking and detection efficiently, reduces false alarms and increases the number of detected humans.

Please contact us if you are interested in usage of this technologies or in the full paper.