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VicarVision – New York Empathy Calculator

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We finished our project for UpWorthy to develop an empathy calculator in New York City!
For a demo click the image below!
WhatsApp Image 2016-11-16 at 05.24.49
Some interesting statistics:
+ There were 141 participants in total, 57% Female, 43% Male
+ Women registered significantly higher empathy scores overall vs. men: 86 vs. 81
+ As a group, young females had the highest avg empathy scores: Female 25-34 avg: 88; Female 35-44 avg: 86
+ By comparison…Male 25-34 avg: 83; Male 35-44 avg: 77
+ The avg. empathy of Married was slightly higher than Singles: 85 vs 83 respectively
+ The avg. empathy of Parents was significantly higher than Non-Parents: 87 vs 81 respectively

Follow your favorite Olympic athletes with

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Do you want to know which Dutch athlete gets the most attention? Or just easily track your favorites in Rio? With you can!


Media Distillery, Spraaklab, TNO and VicarVision have developed technology to analyze faces, voices and subtitles in real time to make targeted search in online video possible! This innovation was supported by the SIDN fonds.

Enter your favorite’s name in the search bar or stroll through the database of all Dutch athletes participating in Rio 2016. RioRadar shows the number of minutes your favorite athlete is visible or mentioned online.

Media Distillery is the technical force behind the audio search tool for the Dutch Business News Radio: This tool makes all BNR newsradio fragments searchable in real time, thanks to Media Distillery’s speech to text technology. Combining their expertise with VicarVision’s and other partners’, brings us at the dawn of a new search era.

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FaceSwap on Microsoft/Dell event

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Last week the Halloween party started already at the Brussels office of Microsoft/Dell:

The faces of several Microsoft employees were blended with a horror face that moved based on your facial movements in real-time!

The audience had a blast with scars running from cheek to cheek and pins coming from their face, simply amazing.

The experience wouldn’t be the same without a fully customized FaceSwap theme that contained the slogan “Happy HelloWindows 10”.

Do you also want your customized FaceSwap theme? Contact us and we’ll let you know how easy this is.